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Advanced Product Design Workshop in Rhino 8

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Overview: Embark on a dynamic and immersive mini-course that delves into the intricate world of product design, centered around crafting a visionary concept for the 2024 Mercedes car. This intensive workshop is meticulously structured to empower participants with advanced skills in Rhino, a leading 3D modeling software, and V-Ray, a powerful rendering engine. Throughout the course, participants will gain a profound understanding of the interplay between form, function, and aesthetic, honing their abilities to create cutting-edge automotive designs.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Mastering Rhino for Automotive Design:
    • Navigate Rhino’s robust interface with precision and efficiency.
    • Develop advanced 3D modeling skills tailored for automotive design.
    • Explore parametric design techniques for streamlined iteration.
  2. Crafting the 2024 Mercedes Concept:
    • Understand the latest trends and design language in the automotive industry.
    • Conceptualize a forward-thinking and innovative vision for the 2024 Mercedes car.
    • Translate design ideas into 3D models with a focus on aerodynamics, ergonomics, and functionality.
  3. Harnessing the Power of V-Ray for Realistic Rendering:
    • Integrate V-Ray seamlessly with Rhino to achieve stunning photorealistic renders.
    • Learn lighting techniques to enhance the visual appeal of the car concept.
    • Fine-tune materials and textures for a lifelike representation of the design.
  4. Iterative Design and Feedback:
    • Foster a collaborative environment for peer-to-peer feedback and critique.
    • Implement iterative design processes to refine and optimize the Mercedes concept.
    • Develop a critical eye for evaluating design choices and making informed decisions.
  5. Professional Presentation Skills:
    • Create compelling visuals and presentations to communicate design intent effectively.
    • Showcase the 2024 Mercedes concept through high-quality renders and animations.
    • Develop a portfolio-ready project that demonstrates mastery of Rhino and V-Ray in automotive design.
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