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Advance Rhino 8 & vray 6 Diploma “soon15-7-2024”

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what are the diploma requirements?
How to build a successful interior design project
Steps to build a mod board
when to Use of artificial intelligence midjourney

Rhino 8 Modeling techniques

Sub D section

V-ray 6

Digital Fabrication

Arabic coffee workshop

Chinese pergola project

Ergonomic chair manufacturing workshop

3d product car workshop

feedback for student work


About Course

Course Description:

Unlock the full potential of Rhino with our Advanced Rhino Diploma program. This comprehensive course delves into the secrets, advanced techniques, and essential tips to elevate your proficiency in Rhino 3D modeling software. Whether you’re an architect, designer, engineer, or enthusiast, this diploma equips you with the expertise to create stunningly realistic scenes, master various materials, and leverage artificial intelligence for seamless integration of furniture and diverse applications.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Mastering Advanced Techniques:
    • Advanced curve and surface manipulation
    • Complex geometry creation
    • Advanced modeling workflows
    • Precision modeling techniques
  2. Secrets and Essential Tips:
    • Insider tips from industry experts
    • Time-saving shortcuts and tricks
    • Optimizing workflow efficiency
    • Troubleshooting common challenges
  3. Building Realistic Scenes:
    • Understanding lighting and shadow effects
    • Creating lifelike environments
    • Incorporating textures and materials
    • Rendering high-quality images
  4. Exploring Different Materials:
    • Material creation and customization
    • Realistic material application
    • Achieving photorealistic results
    • Texturing and mapping techniques
  5. Implementing Artificial Intelligence:
    • Introduction to AI in design
    • Leveraging AI for furniture placement
    • Integrating AI for varied applications
    • Enhancing design workflows with AI tools

Course Benefits:

  • Gain advanced proficiency in Rhino 3D modeling software.
  • Unlock the secrets and essential tips for efficient modeling.
  • Create visually stunning and realistic scenes.
  • Master the application of diverse materials for lifelike renders.
  • Harness the power of artificial intelligence for enhanced design workflows.
  • Receive a prestigious diploma certifying your expertise in advanced Rhino techniques.

Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of Rhino and become a proficient 3D modeling expert. Enroll now and take your design skills to the next level with our Advanced Rhino Diploma program.


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